I have been providing intuitive counseling for over 20 years. My insight can lead to finding new answers and perspectives in areas of your life that at the moment may seem unclear or uncertain. When you tap into a deeper understanding of your mind sets, behavioral patterns, and decision making, you will come to understand that everything is made up of energy. The way your Energy flows can direct your life’s outcomes, Successes and Failures. I can help you have that “Leading Edge”.  I have been trained and practice daily the ability to See Energy and Read what it is doing; When I read….  I receive Images, Feelings, Words, a combination of things that allow me to channel in answers to your questions. If you don’t have questions I can tap into what Spirit needs to share and relay messages accordingly.
I am available by appointment for private readings in person, over the phone or via web-cam.
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When I met Carla Starla she was holding spirit guide classes at the occult bookstore in Chicago I took her class and my life has forever been changed. Over the years Carla has offered me insight about topics as heavy as my life path and things as simple as if my neighbors where dangerous or just bullies. She has a keen eye and wisdom that I always return to. I refer everyone to her and am honored to call her when I need wise counsel and a reading.
Hermirtha Celeste
From the first day I met Carla and sat down and had a reading with her, I knew that she was the real deal. Carla is NOT pretending to be a psychic/Intuitive, she IS THE REAL DEAL. The one thing I love about my readings with her is that she never makes me feel less than. She treats her clients with respect and humility and love. She is not arrogant with her gifts at all like some intuitives I have encountered in the past. The visions that she has given me for my life have been more than accurate and have helped me make decisions that have allowed me to have positive outcomes. Carla is open and honest, providing her clients a safe place to be vulnerable and open in their readings with her. No question is off limits, and no matter how “crazy” I may feel a question may be, Carla always reassures me that my questions and statements are valid, and she even relates to my statements and questions with examples from her own life. Carla is the truth, and she will more than likely be my “go to” intuitive for all of the questions/obstacles/unsure moments life may bring my way.
Deanna Dotson

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